Siapa Saya?

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Betul ke nak tau siapa saya?

Saya juga manusia biasa seperti anda semua :)

Saya banyak bergerak secara underground
membantu para usahawan online membuat pemasaran.

Saya juga merupakan mastermind di sebalik
artis popular dan beberapa branding usahahawan.

*Biarlah rahsia, hanya orang tertentu je tau


Sama ada memberikan tips-tips secara PERCUMA

*Alhamdulillah sudah lebih 3, 308 orang ahli join setakat ini.
Terima kasih semua :)

Dan juga..
membuat servis pengiklanan
serta beberapa servis yang lain.

Seperti :

1. Khidmat membangunkan blog & laman web

2. Facebook Marketing
+ Servis naikkan like page
+ Servis tukar nama page
+ Servis gabungkan page
+ Servis jual beli dan sewa page

3. Instagram Marketing

+ Servis Naikkan Follower TARGETED Instagram

4. Online & Offline Coaching (Personal atau group) berkaitan :
+ Online Marketing (Blog, Facebook & Instagram)
+ Membuat blog dan laman web

*bergantung kepada permintaan & kesesuaian masa.


Ada certain testimonial saya dah update
pada laman web company saya

Boleh refer >>

5. EBOOK (MAMBANG KUNING) <<— Dalam proses, semoga dipermudahkan. InsyaAllah
+ Teknik & Skrip Mudah Pemasaran Facebook (Sudah dibuka jualan)
> Teknik Zero Cost Marketing Di Facebook

*Update :
Teknik & Skrip Mudah Pemasaran Instagram
 (Sudah dibuka jualan)
> Teknik Mudah Naikkan Follower TARGETED Instagram

+ Teknik Mudah Buat Blog Professional (akan datang)
+ Teknik Mudah Buat Laman Web Professional (akan datang)
+ Kemungkinan hasil tips dan input yang saya hadiri semasa seminar2 keusahawanan
+ dan banyak lagi.. (akan datang)


Disebabkan semakin hari semakin ramai permintaan,
dan respon yang cukup baik.

Jadi saya ambil keputusan untuk membantu
lebih ramai orang yang memerlukan khidmat saya :)

Saya cuba bantu setakat mana yang saya mampu.
Saya pun manusia biasa :)

Stay tuned.

Terima kasih sudi baca sehingga habis.


//last updated 25 Mac 2015, Rabu Pagi-pagi buta




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      ((What’s the most unexpected place that you have found writing inspiration or creative story ideas?))During a presidential debate, or when arguing the nutritional merits of broccoli with an eight-year-old, which is pretty much the same thing.

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    • says

      Harry | As the saying goes, you’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. Your opening paragraph is almost hallucinatory in its presentation–if you wish to be taken seriously, stop parroting Hannity and Limbaugh and follow some real analysis.

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      Co ci mogÄ™ powiedzieć – lepiej mieć produkt i problem z jego pojedynczym odbiorcom niż mieć funt kÅ‚aków bo tego juz z pewnoÅ›ciÄ… nikt nie kupi.I… masz racjÄ™ – SmoleÅ„sk nie ma istotnego znaczenia. Ma proceduralno- organizacyjne, ma pokazujÄ…ce pewnÄ… nieudolność tak w dziaÅ‚aniach jak i w komunikacji różnych sÅ‚użb – ale politycznego, a już tym bardziej w takim wymiarze jak chcÄ… to pokazywać maniacy macierewiczowi, najmniejszego.

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      Jawohl ab nach südamerika…..Das mit Ushaia wär schon der brüller aber eben, wir können noch nicht mit sicherheit sagen das es für uns drinn liegt solange zu warten. Der gelbe hat bestimmt genug zeit unser roter jedoch hats ein bischen eilig.Toll wärs auf jedenfall wir werden sehen.Bis bald las parilladas les esperan

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      cosa dico straparlo non credo che sia corretto il secondo posto di Abbott volevo dire …..lo pensavo terzo e mentre scrivevo la tastiera ha fatto da sè he he he

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    You talk a lot about cost of security and the numbers of guards etc for the recent visit. Can you give some firm figures as to what each company is paying for security. Could you also give some figures as to how many security personnel were involved in the recent visit by analysts. Could you break that down by type of security professional and how much they cost?

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    I so concur!! We only have 8, but doing more things together as a family help so much with Mom's sanity and builds a great camaraderie within the family!Thanks for linking this up today!

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      SÅ‚aba historia, bardzo przewidywalna, narracja zbyt dokÅ‚adna i nudna, rysunki już dawno siÄ™ przeterminowaÅ‚y. CoÅ› okoÅ‚o numerów 55-59 w Superman/Batman byÅ‚a historia pt. SuperBat o tym jak Batman zyskaÅ‚ moce Supermana – to jest naprawdÄ™ dobra opowieść.

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        Hello there! Over here we are evenly split on Arrangement two and five! My crew chief loves the architecture in the vase on two, and I love arrangement five for the pure texture! I already have the room designed!

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        Best Buy sells so many great items! I got the Avengers movie there, and I am giving it to my son for Christmas. My son and I love shopping at Best Buy because they have music CDs and movies and video games all in the same place!

      • says

        What a beautiful way to enjoy a radish. Thank you for sharing with me tonight. Another lovely and delicious post! I hope you have a wonderful start to your week, my friend. Many blessings!

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      I'm totally addicted to the SJ Panettone and that's a great price for them! I usually find it dry like stale bread but theirs is heaven. I love the red hat boxes they come in too!

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      I will bet that is what will happen. But it still leaves all others who called George a “murderer”, to stand trial for libel. Maybe, in the future they will be restrained by paying serious amounts of money to George – for ever doing that again.

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    • says

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    • says

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    • says

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  7. says

    Wait where is that park I want to go! We went up Berthoud Pass last week for some hiking and then down to Georgetown to see the train (yeah he’s a 4 year old boy)

    • says

      Z ta obojÄ™tnoÅ›ciÄ…, czy bÄ™dziecie tam pisać to jest tak, że mogÄ™ was poczytać gdzie indziej – nie wierzÄ™, że sobie nie znajdziesz miejsca do wypowiedzi, pomijajÄ…c ten drobny fakt, że masz gdzie pisać Co do innych miejsc, to zaÅ‚ożę siÄ™, że Wasze wypowiedzi na każdym poważniejszym blogu zostanÄ… przyjÄ™te z należytÄ… uwagÄ…

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      by przesÅ‚uchać w trybie KPK osoby odpowiedzialne za to i postawić im zarzuty faÅ‚szowania dokumentacji i niedopeÅ‚nienia obowiÄ…zków.”Nie żartuj, kto ma to uczynić- sprawca?W podobnych wypowiedziach przejawia siÄ™ naiwność wielu Polaków, którzy ciÄ…gle siÄ™ Å‚udzÄ…, ze żyjÄ… w paÅ„stwie prawa(tak im wmówiono, a oni bojÄ… siÄ™ spojrzeć prawdzie w oczy.

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      I recently sent a note to 2 ladies that hosted a business luncheon for our executive assitant group. I chose cards I had made that reminded me of them. I received an email note back thanking me for the cards! A thank you note for a thank you note is pretty fantastic!

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      hola Sandra! yo tengo muchas ganas de hacer los 7 lagos en bici ! tengo libre todo enero 2013. si ya están organizando el grupo avisenme! soy de Rio Negro! mi correo:

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      Véronique dit :Moi aussi c’était une paire de Doc Martens rouges vernies… Eh oui le lycée c’est loin…Mais je vois que nous sommes nombreuses à avoir les mêmes références…(je joue pour une paire de Timberland femme).

    • says

      Mohamed,I agree completely with you that browser support has been and still is a major hurdle for HTML5. In fact, it seems to continue the seemingly endless battle in web development of inconsistent HTML implementations across web browsers. I'll probably look at some of these issues (including the audio/video tags you mention) in future posts.Thanks for the comments.Dustin

    • says

      CW. Can you please send Leo a private email and ask him to cease and desist with his attacks on individuals that you know in your heart are on the right side of this battle? I’m not sure what triggered his mental illness to have to go down this road again after all if this time, but it’s extremely counter productive to our movement.

    • says

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    Big congrats on such amazing coverage. I've been toying with getting my first tattoo done – maybe a feature in Mixtape is the incentive I need :-) Will you come with me and hold my hand?

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    Mae por dicha yo estaba en el asiento del frente y pode abrir la puerta, pero a como decia vos en estado etilico, la reaccion es mas lente k un choque de un caracol y una tortuga…..pero siempre mae toda la puerto ranchada y a limpiar se ha dicho carajo hahaha…Pura vida¡¡

  13. says

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  14. says

    Yes, they removed Patriotism and God from the classroom and replaced it with anti american self loathing and non human theories of our true nature.

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